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Jul. 11th, 2006 03:56 pm
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There's no adequate atheist equivalent expression for "dear god in heaven", but, dear god in heaven, USPS is so friggin' slow today!!! I use Click n' Ship for my labels, because you get free delivery confirmation and sort of tracking, but it's taken more than 40 minutes to get my 5 labels processed. I'm seeing at least 3 minutes between each page. I would just write them out by hand, but I really like having the DC and tracking, so I'll just whine instead.

Plus I've caught up with all my LJ friends' journals, and  the one forum I go to is being awfully quiet, so there isn't even anything for me to read while I wait. (pout)
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Yes, it's true: I judge people. Often without even knowing what their circumstances are. Here's a short list of the people I judge (poorly). Not related to any particular incident -- just for the record. Feel free to add your own, because no matter how lovey-dovey, culturally relativist, and/or sensitive we pretend to be, everyone is, at heart, judgmental. And because I am judgmental, I am also certain to be offensive, so if you are afraid of being offended, don't read this.

I judge parents who smoke with their kids in the car... and parents who smoke... and frankly, people who smoke, period.
I judge parents who strap their kids in a carseat all day and ignore them when they cry.
I judge parents who circumcise their baby boys, or pierce their baby girl's ears, or make other permanent physical alterations to children who can't give informed consent.
I judge parents who prop a bottle in their baby's carseat while they shop.
I judge mothers who choose not to breastfeed when they are physically capable of doing so.
I judge parents who don't discipline their children when said children are terrorizing smaller children at the playground.
I judge people who ride motorcycles without wearing a helmet (it's legal in NH).
I judge people who cheat on their partners. Scratch that, I judge people who cheat, period.
I judge people who drag their children to church/temple/mosque/whatever before their children are capable of understanding what's being fed to them.
I judge people who stare at me when I'm wearing Sophie in a sling, wrap, or mei tai.
I judge stupid people. And ignorant people.
I judge NASCAR fans. And "Desperate Housewives" fans (yes, I know, Mom). And fans of junk TV of all stripes... including myself, when I was hooked on junk TV.
I judge cultures and subcultures where stupidity and ignorance are culturally acceptable or are considered "normal", especially if it means doing stupid or ignorant things to your children (like the abovementioned whatnot).
I judge people who judge other people's sexual behaviour and then try to legislate it away (I'm talking to you, The South).
I judge the fucking Phelps family to be a particularly egregious example of how inbreeding and religion can screw you up.
I judge WalMart for aiding and abetting the systematic persecution and/or subjugation of an entire country's citizens... take your pick, really.
I judge people who send me emails asking questions that are already answered if they would just bother to read a little bit.
I judge people who don't read.
I judge people who steal ideas and pass them off as their own.
I judge teenagers who do stupid things just because "everyone else does it".
I judge adults who do stupid things just because "everyone else does it".
I judge people who don't vote, especially if they later complain about the results.
I judge people who won't clean up their own messes.
I judge American Christians who claim they are being "persecuted" when in fact they have the most special rights of anyone in the country.
I judge people who are trying to teach religion in place of science.
I judge people who claim that all public schoolchildren are brainwashed zombies. (I like homeschooling, but some homeschoolers get stupid about it.)
I judge all other drivers on the highway, especially the ones who tailgate me when I'm already going over the speed limit.
I judge poor spellers.
I judge those who misuse the English grammar.
I judge people who use 'net abbreviations 24/7 (r u there?).
I judge people who think they have all the answers... including myself.
I judge people who are sanctimonious... including myself.
I judge myself for judging so many people, especially without knowing what their circumstances are.

Who do you judge?
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I just did my accounting for 2005, and it turns out I made a lot less than I thought I did. My net profit was about 1/4 my gross income, with expenses taking the other 3/4. Still not bad -- enough to put a good chunk in the kids' education accounts and whatnot -- but it's not an income I could ever live on, even very frugally. Glad that's not an issue :) So, to those of you who wonder why a simple sling can cost as much as $50, that's why... I can sell mine for $20-40 because it's totally supplemental income, but if I were trying to live on my sewing skills, or even significantly augment our household income, I'd have to charge that much myself.

We bought a copy of "The Monster at the End of This Book" (a Sesame Street "Little Golden Book" -- they haven't changed it a bit!) last night at the grocery store -- total impulse buy. Stephen wanted a Thomas book instead, but I'm really glad we got the Monster one. David and I both remember it fondly from our childhoods, and now I know why. The kids ADORE it. Stephen spent all last night giggling and reciting lines to himself -- he thinks it's the best book ever. It's fun to read, too. There's another one that we remember, too, about a museum of opposites, but we can't remember what it's called (that "we" is David and me, of course, not a royal "we"). Basically, the monsters are walking through rooms where everything in one room will be heavy, everything in the next is light, dark rooms, bright rooms, long rooms, short rooms, etc. Anyone know it?

Also, tried to get tickets for [livejournal.com profile] ounceofreason's BSO/Tanglewood Festival Chorus performance of the Beethoven Missa Solemnis next weekend, and I think I waited too long. The Saturday performance has only crappy "obstructed view" seats left, at least for two people; maybe it'll be better for just one, but I need to check and see if David wants to go or not. I guess it would be easier if I went by myself all around -- no worries about watching the kids, etc. -- but I want to go with my husband :( Well, if that fails, they're doing the Ninth symphony in March, and that'll be awesome anyway, and I'll make sure to get tickets well ahead of time. I can't bear rock concerts -- altogether too much screaming and smoking -- but classical music is meant to be heard live and benefits from it, as opposed to rock music that seems best canned. Meh.

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