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Ooooh, this stuff is *wonderful*! I got the "comfy" yarn, a 75% pima cotton, 25% acrylic blend, and it feels soooo nice to the touch -- very silky. I'm going to enjoy knitting with it, I think. The materials (well, plus a pair of circular needles because they were pretty and bumped me up to free shipping) were $51.63. A lot for a scarf, but since it's for my honey, it's okay :)


Will try to photoblog this as I progress, just for the hell of it.
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Okay, the universe wants me to make David a Dr. Who scarf.

I was reading my Google Reader feeds and clicked on a pattern for a neat looking scarf. While I was checking it out, David glanced over and said, "Oh! Could you make me a Dr. Who scarf?"

So I googled it and found www.doctorwhoscarf.com (who knew?) and spent about 10 minutes checking it out before going back to Google Reader. Read a few more articles, scrolled down... and there was this.

So, clearly, I am meant to make this scarf.

However, I'm not sure quite how. I mean, I have the directions (he wants the season 15 version), but I'm not sure about the yarn. Wool makes me itch, and him, too, so I'm stuck with non-woollen yarns. The directions call for a sport or DK weight yarn, and I would prefer to use something that feels nicer than the cheapo "pound of yarn" crap (I hate that stuff). OTOH, it's a *crapload* of yarn, and I don't want to pay more than, oh, say, $50 for the yarn. I can't tell exactly from the pattern, but it looks like I need between 200 and 400 yards each of 7 colors.  Of course, the pattern calls for it to be between 10-12" wide, and David wants something about half that width (and maybe shorter, once he sees how very long it is), so I guess I don't need quite as much.

Knitters, do you have recommendations for nice-feeling but not bank-breaking yarns? I like working with soft but not too stretchy yarns; have had success with a lovely chenille I got at my LYS, but it was years ago and I don't remember what it was called.
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Why do half of the knitting/crocheting sites and blogs insist on a pink background? It's so hard on the eyes! Sure, knitting is all girly-girl (or whatever), but christ, enough with the friggin' pink!

Also, I'm a total beginner -- I've made four scarves, and just grabbed a pattern for a cowl on Knitty. I think it will work with the TLC Amore yarn (in plum) I bought today at JoAnns. I'm allergic to wool, so half of the yarn-snobbery-type yarns are effectively off-limits to me, so I'm kind of stuck with el cheapo craft store chain yarns. The Amore is 80% acrylic, 20% nylon, and it's *really* nice and soft. I've been working on a little swatch, and it feels good in my hands. I'm just not sure what to do once my cowl is done. I'd like to make sweaters for the kids, but I'm worried that they'll have grown out of that size before I finish... I'm not exactly quick. And I don't understand most of the abbreviations and directions on regular patterns. I need a knitting mentor!

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