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Yay! I just upgraded the pages on my site to actually use PHP. I had changed the pages to .php extensions earlier, to allow the page to query my database and see how many "points" were left, but that was all. Then I redid the page layout and such of SlingRings.com and all their pages had been previously redone to use PHP in a more meaningful way -- to whit, to actually build the pages using PHP. I had been getting really annoyed with my pages, because every once in a while, my cart hiccups and an option which is in stock will show as out of stock, forever, unless I duplicate the option and change the product to use the duplicate instead of the original. Annoying when it's one option on one product, but when it was the points -- which are used in *every* product and which needs to be queried by the page -- it was disastrous, because the way I had set my pages up previously, I had to re-upload the ENTIRE site when I changed the cell being queried. Okay, that's a lot of technical sounding stuff, but really, it was just obnoxious because I had to re-upload every file whenever this hiccup happened with the points. Now, it's one file that says "query the points" and so, if the points hiccup (which they had done this week), I can easily change what I need to change and be done with it.

I also just changed the links that I have on my journal -- it has been at least two years, I'm guessing, because I no longer visited at least a couple, and the link to my own site was broken (due to the .html to .php changeover). So now there are links to the other blogs I actually visit on a daily basis (besides my LJ friends, of course), as well as to my new business blog, which I still need to tweak. But, I'll work on that later. Now, I need to get to bed!

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