May. 1st, 2006 05:50 pm
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Just did my monthly charitable giving -- 10% of my gross sales. Man, that feels good! It was such a busy month (and I mean busy -- I had 99 paid orders in April!!!) that I was able to give $320. That's almost $1000 ($955 to be exact) for the year to date!

Yes, I'm bragging about my charitable giving :) I never said I was humble, did I?

Anyway. Back to your regularly scheduled Friends page (or blog, if you're just reading mine).
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I just did my accounting for 2005, and it turns out I made a lot less than I thought I did. My net profit was about 1/4 my gross income, with expenses taking the other 3/4. Still not bad -- enough to put a good chunk in the kids' education accounts and whatnot -- but it's not an income I could ever live on, even very frugally. Glad that's not an issue :) So, to those of you who wonder why a simple sling can cost as much as $50, that's why... I can sell mine for $20-40 because it's totally supplemental income, but if I were trying to live on my sewing skills, or even significantly augment our household income, I'd have to charge that much myself.

We bought a copy of "The Monster at the End of This Book" (a Sesame Street "Little Golden Book" -- they haven't changed it a bit!) last night at the grocery store -- total impulse buy. Stephen wanted a Thomas book instead, but I'm really glad we got the Monster one. David and I both remember it fondly from our childhoods, and now I know why. The kids ADORE it. Stephen spent all last night giggling and reciting lines to himself -- he thinks it's the best book ever. It's fun to read, too. There's another one that we remember, too, about a museum of opposites, but we can't remember what it's called (that "we" is David and me, of course, not a royal "we"). Basically, the monsters are walking through rooms where everything in one room will be heavy, everything in the next is light, dark rooms, bright rooms, long rooms, short rooms, etc. Anyone know it?

Also, tried to get tickets for [ profile] ounceofreason's BSO/Tanglewood Festival Chorus performance of the Beethoven Missa Solemnis next weekend, and I think I waited too long. The Saturday performance has only crappy "obstructed view" seats left, at least for two people; maybe it'll be better for just one, but I need to check and see if David wants to go or not. I guess it would be easier if I went by myself all around -- no worries about watching the kids, etc. -- but I want to go with my husband :( Well, if that fails, they're doing the Ninth symphony in March, and that'll be awesome anyway, and I'll make sure to get tickets well ahead of time. I can't bear rock concerts -- altogether too much screaming and smoking -- but classical music is meant to be heard live and benefits from it, as opposed to rock music that seems best canned. Meh.

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