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Due to rain and high winds, Stephen's school closed early today -- 11:30 am instead of 3 pm. After Sophia and I picked him up, we drove downtown to see the river. It had flooded last year, so I took pictures of the same areas, as much as I could. Here's the full set. Some of them are interesting to compare to last year's flooding: Pictures below the fold )

It's still raining now, so the river could go higher. I wonder if they'll open the schools tomorrow at all -- it sounds like a lot of roads have washed out in other areas of town. Roby, did they close Macintosh this time around? Did Brian go to work? We drove around the mill building (wanted to find a place to park) and didn't see his car, but I know that doesn't mean much, since he doesn't always work there.

Here's a Foster's Daily Democrat story about the flooding
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Some of you might know that there's been some flooding in New Hampshire, where I live -- a lot of communities are being evacuated, as rivers and streams reach flood levels. Luckily for us, we live up on a hill, so we're not being directly affected, but roads all around us are closed due to the flooding.

I took a walk with the kids around the downtown Dover area, to get some pictures of the flooding in our area -- it's nothing too bad, although a lot of businesses are being adversely affected, and I gather there are homes in the more rural areas that are completely wrecked. Newmarket, which is south of us, has been evacuated for the most part (it's faily low-lying) and Rochester (north of us) and Portsmouth (also south) are also in a bad way. It's no New Orleans, but for New Hampshire, not cool.

Here's a slideshow of the pictures I took. (Clicking on the images will bring up a description.)

Edit: here's what the Cochecho usually looks like: http://www.flickr.com/photos/tags/cochecoriver/

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