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Jan Heirtzler ([personal profile] jan_andrea) wrote2009-02-04 10:24 am
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One-year-plus anniversary

I knew it had been almost a year since we officially fell in love with this house, but I didn't realize it was more than a year already. Looking at last year's entries, it appears we put an offer on it on 1 February, 2008. What a rollercoaster that was! I'm really happy with the house, though, despite the moldy basement and its other little quirks.

For whatever reason, David keeps looking at NNEREN and pointed this one out to me yesterday: http://www.nneren.com/view2.php?id=2735688&ref=r&price=$319,000.00&t=&fcla=
Is that not completely gorgeous? And we could have swung it, too. A pity it's a year too late! Then again, the listing says "...the home invites its new owners to return it to its original splendor" which to me says, "Get yourself a Home Depot account, because you're gonna need it!" Still, wow.

I seriously need to go back and tag those entries. And make a house icon. It's been a year, after all.

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