Jan. 6th, 2009 03:16 pm
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Got a love/hate relationship with Twilight? (Um, yeah, I don't or anything, heh. Nope, not me...)

You've got to read this :lol:
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Prognosis: Happy Jan!

Now I just have a crapzillion emails and whatnot to catch up on.

Power was restored on Saturday afternoon, 9 days after we lost it. It's SO nice to be able to flip a switch and get light! And have heat and refrigerator power without running a generator.

Our phone line (and internet) was just fixed about 30 minutes ago. I am triaging email, and need to remember to turn off my autoresponders now. It's been a wild ride, to say the least.

So, internet peeps, what have I missed?
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PSNH continues to give us the runaround. They need to send a bucket truck. It's, like, 30 minutes of work, I'm sure. I'd do it myself if I had any clue. Getting extremely tired of the dark. Daytime is doable; we've run an extension cord from our neighbor's generator (which he is letting us borrow) to my sewing machine, so I can sew, but at night, we just have little LED head lamps to see with. We go to bed around 8pm, all of us. Warm shower, thanks to the generator; then the generator goes off for the night at around 10pm, to be turned on again when we wake up. House stays warm, at least, and we have water, but OMG, am I sick of not having power! Tomorrow we're supposed to get a huge snowstorm, so probably PSNH won't come then, either. And of course, our land line (and cable) have also been cut to clear the street, so it'll be probably a couple of days after we finally have power that we get our internet access back.

I am so tired of this. PSNH sucks. Darkness sucks. Winter sucks. I hate this.


Dec. 14th, 2008 06:07 pm
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Just wanted to let people know, if they were inclined towards caring :lol:, that we are still without power after Thursday night's ice storm. Our car was taken out by a falling branch (smashed the back window and put a serious dent in the roof, as well as minor dents all over the car), and our house's power lines were ripped completely out of the house (the meter is lying on the ground...). I took pictures, but can't really post them today. I'm logged in now on David's computer at work. It's cold at home :lol: Our awesome next-door neighbor has just had a permanent generator installed, so has been loaning out his portable one around the neighborhood, so we've had heat over the last couple of nights, at least for a few hours. Might get cold tonight, though, if we don't have a turn with the generator. Luckily, we're very close to UNH (which does have full power) so if it gets really bad, we can shower here; we have water (though cold) at home, and lots of blankets, so we're surviving. It could have been a lot worse. We are looking at Tuesday, and maybe Wednesday, for having our power restored, though, so I probably won't be getting online more than once every couple of days.

Hope my other New England friends are coping, and that most have electricity by now!
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"Political capital"

As in, good will that a candidate has built up, and is now expected to spend.

Except, you're not supposed to spend the capital; you're supposed to save the capital and spend the interest.

Thus endeth today's stupid pedantry.
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I hope no one reading this is being affected by the fires in SoCal, but if you are, please know I'm thinking of you. It sounds just horrible out there! Take care of yourselves and your families.
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I liked eMusic for a while, when I was actively using them.

But they make it *really* hard to cancel the account -- you basically have to call them in person to do so, and when you do, it's voicemail hell until you finally get to talk to someone. Instead, they put your account on hiatus... but they don't tell you ahead of time when the 3-month hiatus is up; they just quietly charge your card with no warning. I just happened to notice the latest charge on my PayPal account a couple of days ago. When I emailed (because the last time I went on hiatus and they charged me without warning, I asked to be notified ahead of time), I found that in fact my account went from hiatus back to active status *5 months ago*. Did they tell me? No. So I've been paying $20/month for 5 months without knowing it (because I don't generally check my PayPal activity daily; I just assume it's only been charged for things that I, you know, authorize -- obviously, I won't be trusting that anymore!) and not downloading any music -- so, I'm out $100 with nothing to show for it. Grrrr. Bastards. Of course they cite the terms of service, which says essentially that you sign over your firstborn when you agree to the terms, and the downloads of course do not roll over. F*ckers.

Anyway. Lesson learned. Don't join eMusic, or if you do, make sure that they don't charge you behind your back. Don't trust them to notify you about anything.
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Honey, I'm sorry you're feeling persecuted. I really am. I think hatred or vitriol towards any individuals involved in the situation is wrong.


Posting links to Mormon sites that moan, "Oh, we're so persecuted! People are picketing our churches!" is a non-sequitur. The LDS church bankrolled a hell of a lot of negative advertising that *truly did* make misleading claims in order to scare the uninformed into voting for Prop 8. They tried to -- and in many cases, succeeded in -- using pressure tactics to force their members into voting for it (which you well know).

Those are facts. "Oh, we're so persecuted!" does not change the FACT that they FIRST persecuted others in a very legitimate sense (i.e. not merely picketing and protesting, but actually removing rights!) who are simply trying to have a normal life. IT IS WRONG TO TAKE AWAY CIVIL RIGHTS. PERIOD. Two consenting adults who want to become a family and are not otherwise legally barred from doing so (i.e. siblings, whatever) should not be forced to separate by a religious group or a group of religions; religion DOES NOT belong in legislation. If the Mormons or the Catholics or whoever doesn't want to marry gays and lesbians in their churches, that's fine! Nothing in CA state law was going to force them to! All these people want is to have families like heterosexual families have them, with the rights and responsibilities that go with them. Just because your Prophet says no doesn't mean that people *not even in your church* have to abide by his rules.

Personally, I don't care if Joseph Smith appeared to you in a rain of gold and said unto you, "Vote YES on Prop 8 or face immortal hellfire!" It's still not right for your religion (and others like it, lest it be said that I am singling out Mormons; Catholic hierarchy is just as guilty) to force that decision on an entire state.

I need to know that you understand this. You voted to take away another person's rights based solely on what you were told by your church, as far as I can tell. That's what I can see.  If you didn't vote for it, GREAT! Keep me as a friend and I will put it behind me. But if you did vote for it, I really want you to take me off your friends list. I genuinely do. I think that (if you voted for it) what you did was incredibly wrong. Amazingly so. I can't live with that. I'm not going to defriend you until I know for sure what actually happened. If you don't defriend me, I will assume that you voted against it, and YAY! that would be great and I won't say another word about it. But I expect you to be honest about this; if you can't stand by your vote, how much *worse* is that than the actual vote itself?
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What American accent do you have?
Your Result: The Inland North

You may think you speak "Standard English straight out of the dictionary" but when you step away from the Great Lakes you get asked annoying questions like "Are you from Wisconsin?" or "Are you from Chicago?" Chances are you call carbonated drinks "pop."

The Northeast
The Midland
The South
The West
North Central
What American accent do you have?
Quiz Created on GoToQuiz

Makes sense; I spent the bulk of my formative years (7-14 yo) there.
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A toothbrush holder that holds 5 brushes, particularly the giant-handle type that are so ubiquitous for kids. Right now we're just using a cup, but it gets *so* gross *so* quickly. I'd like something that actually hangs them up, but haven't found anything at any of the big box stores. Even Amazon is turning up empty.

Little things :)
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Mostly for my own convenience :)

I found the distribution interesting. You can tell the rich towns because, for the most part, they went for McCain. And you can tell the college towns (Keene, Durham, Plymouth) because they overwhelmingly went for Obama :) In Durham, it was 5,363 to 1,838; in Keene, 9,427 to 3,641; and in Plymouth, while the numbers were less skewed, it was 2,703 to 1,130. Londonderry, a particularly wealthy town (where DH's parents happen to live), McCain got 6,879 to Obama's 6,107, but that was fairly abberant. In Swanzey and Sullivan, where my dad and mom live, Obama also had a really good margin.

I like statistics... particularly when they're on "my" side :D

CA prop 8

Nov. 5th, 2008 09:43 am
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I'm really happy that Obama won... but completely and utterly disgusted that Prop Hate (8) passed in California.

Personally, I think all the people who voted "Yes" should have their state-sanctioned marriages dissolved. See how they like it when a simple majority says, "Fuck you, you can't get married because we think it's icky!"

I'm really appalled by this.

In all honesty, if you live in CA and you voted to support Prop 8? Please remove me from your friends list, because I don't want to be friends with anyone who can support that sort of repulsive use of a ballot initiative and still look themselves in the mirror in the morning. This is especially true if you voted for it against your own conscience. That is just fucking wrong. What is your conscience for, if not to tell you what's right and what's wrong? Blind obedience is worse than ignorance. If you can vote to take away someone else's rights, you're no friend of mine. Period. I can tolerate/sympathize with/understand a lot of things in a friend, but some things are just deal-breakers, and this is one of them.

ETA: This is a nice summation.
And this an even better one.
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I went to bed at 9:30, too nervous to stay at the computer, and besides, Susan is nothing if not a creature of absolute habit who MUST be in bed at nighttime in order to nurse and fall asleep. David stayed up to watch the returns online, and I listened to "Wintersmith" on my MP3 player to try to distract myself -- so nervous, unable to really relax despite the polls. At around 11:30, David came in and gave me a kiss and said "He's won it." and from then on, I was unable to sleep for the excitement. I left Pratchett for a while to listen to NPR, and heard McCain's very gracious concession speech. I agree with the pundits; if he had been allowed to be more like that, what I assume is his real self, during the campaign? I think it would have been a far closer race.

And then, through our new triple-paned windows, we could hear the sound of UNH cheering. It was a warm night, so I opened the window and listened for a while to the campus yelling "O BA MA! O BA MA!" We're about 3/4 of a mile from campus, so it was a mighty roar indeed. I couldn't stop grinning. What an exciting year to be your first presidential election for all those kids!

I went back to bed and nursed Susan, listening to the other returns and the pundits, and contrasted this election with the previous two. In 2000, Stephen was 5 months old. I nursed him all night long, unable to sleep and taking solace only in his little body, and I felt absolutely ill with the news that the election looked too close to call, that the networks had erred in calling Florida for Gore, and the weeks of panic and heartache that followed. In 2004, Sophia was just over a year old, and I listened, nursing again, disheartened as Bush actually won the election. And this year? I would have happily walked down to campus and celebrated with the throngs of new votes, but for the baby in my arms, and I feel so much more confident in her future now!

Of course, Obama's acceptance speech made me tear up. He is such an incredible orator. I can't wait to hear him speak as president.

Yes! We! Can!
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This one's not cutesy or funny... just (to me) extremely inspiring.

Keeping all my digits crossed today...

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Copy this sentence into your LiveJournal if you're in a heterosexual marriage, and you don't want it "protected" by the bigots who think that gay marriage hurts it somehow.
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I would assume that you all are, but in case you've moved lately or just plain forgot, DON'T FORGET! If you live in a state with same-day registration, great! If not, look into the time frame and DO IT. It's *so* important to vote this year! I would particularly love to see New Hampshire go blue again, so if you're in NH and you haven't registered where you currently live, take some time and make sure it happens.

Um, well, you could have done that until Saturday, but now you have to wait until election day. Still. DON'T FORGET TO VOTE.

Google maps now has a voter registration feature! Check it out:

The Obama icon compels you!!


Oct. 19th, 2008 04:18 pm
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GIP for the awesomest Obama icon evar!!!!
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I'd seen this gentleman's work before, but it never fails to impress. Go and visit -- it's truly amazing.
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Crafty fans, check this out:

So pretty! So girly! Because of their size, I don't think I can use them for slings, but I am dying to make hangings for the girls' room here with them, once they come out.

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