Jun. 17th, 2010 12:10 pm
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Howdy! If you're reading this post, you've probably found my journal from another LJ, or from my website ( It's possible that, if the latter, you've read only my crafty stuff. If that's the case, I'd suggest looking through some of the other links. In addition to being a mother and a crafty person, I am also an atheist (strong), a liberal (bleeding heart), a biologist who adores evolution, and prone to venting (including profanities) on my journal, since it's a safe place to do so. My journal includes political rants from a left-wing perspective, rants against religion and sometimes religious people (the hypocritical ones, not the good ones), and, of course, snippets about my children and the rest of my life :) If the former is likely to offend you in any way, I'd suggest not friending me. Because, I usually friend people back (unless I find that their views are such that I couldn't bear reading them, as would be the case with extreme right-wing or Fundamentalist Christian writers, or people who bottlefeed from birth without trying to breastfeed, barring medical conditions), and once I friend someone who has friended me first, I have no qualms about commenting on their posts. Which means that, if someone posts something that I find stupid (particularly if it involves right-wing politics, fundie religious things, or misunderstandings about science and particularly evolution), I will comment about it. I'll be nice, but honest. If that will bother you, don't friend me. Or add me to a filter where I don't have access to those posts. Either way is fine :)

If you've made it through that and still want to add me as a friend, welcome! I try to entertain as well as vent ;)

Comments are screened.

ETA: none of this is meant to apply to those on my current friends list, with whom I have never had a problem! I just don't want to post something that a new, possibly unaware friend might read and then be completely horrified and surprised by. It's not that I don't want "you" (the hypothetical new reader) as a friend -- just that I want to make sure that my readers know what they're in for if they add me :)

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